Sci di fondo Pitztal / Pitztaler Gletscher - Rifflsee - St. Leonhard

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Pitztal / Pitztaler Gletscher - Rifflsee - St. Leonhard
1.180 - 2.750m
Loipenplan Pitztal  / Pitztaler Gletscher - Rifflsee - St. Leonhard

Cross-country centre at the Pitztal glacier and high altitude cross-country at Rifflsee in Tyrol

With our high altitude cross-country areas (2.740 m on the Pitztal glacier and 2.200 m at Rifflsee) we can offer both amateurs and pros the Nordic discipline from mid-September to mid-May.
The new cross-country centre at Pitztal glacier, near the Mittelbergbahn, offers professionally groomed skiing and classic ski tracks, along with other advantages:

Infrastructural facility
Areas for changing and areas for waxing cross-country skis;
WC facilities at the Mittelbergbahn

Start of the season
Trail operation begins around mid-September, depending on the snow and weather conditions. Please check with our sales team.

Cross-country ski pass
The reduced cross-country ski pass allows skiers to ride the Gletscherexpress and the Gletscherseebahn

Cross-country trail lengths
Between 3 and 7 km, depending on the snow conditions

Altitude Training
Improve your stamina through an altitude difference of 50 m, between 2.690 m and 2.740 m

Cross-country overview:

Cross-country centre at Pitztal glacier: approx. 2.740 m above sea level, 7 km, download high altitude cross-country trails image (PDF)
Rifflsee high altitude cross-country: approx. 2.200 m above sea level, 5 km
Valley cross-country runs at inner Pitztal: 21 km

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Piste per sci di fondo Prospetto
pista per sci di fondo classico
34 km
Pitztaler Gletscher + Rifflsee, Talloipe Innerpitztal
Piste per skating
34 km
Pitztaler Gletscher + Rifflsee, Talloipe Innerpitztal
Piste montane
7 km
Pitztaler Gletscher
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