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BERGFEX: Comparto sciistico Fellhorn - Kanzelwand - Vacanza sciistica Fellhorn - Kanzelwand - Wintersportgebiet Fellhorn - Kanzelwand

Comparto sciistico Fellhorn - Kanzelwand

Fellhorn - Kanzelwand

920 - 1.967m

Mappa delle piste Comparto sciistico Fellhorn - Kanzelwand

Valori neve

Oggi, 07:00 190 cm 40 cm 3 da 13
  Montagna Valle Impianti aperti
Die Fellhorn- und Kanzelwandbahn sind im täglichen Sommerbetrieb. Die Wege (2 u. 3) von der Station Schlappoldsee ins Tal, der Weg über die Bierenwangalpe - Gundsattel zur Kanzelwand, sowie der Weg von der Bergstation Kanzelwand über die Zwerenalpe nach Riezlern sind begehbar. Ebenfalls ist der Weg von der Gipfelstation Fellhorn bis zum Fellhorn Gipfel mit gutem Schuhwerk begehbar. Weiterführende Wege sind noch schneebedeckt und nicht geöffnet. Die Gastronomiebetriebe an der Felllhorn [...]

Comparto sciistico Fellhorn - Kanzelwand

A great destination: the dual-province and ski resort of Fellhorn/Kanzelwand offers over 36 kilometres of wonderful, thickly snow-covered ski-runs and mogul pistes, which are reached via high-performance facilities including four-and six-seater chairlifts.

Say goodbye to long queues thanks to the second Fellhornbahn cableway, Germany’s longest, most modern single-rope funicular, with 94 comfortable 8-seater cabins.

Two downhill runs measuring four kilometres in length, a fun park, perfect for competitions, on the Fellhorn middle station, the Crystal Ground boarder park at the Kanzelwand valley station and a generous freeriding terrain prove a delight to snowboarders and skiers alike.
The Fellhorn valley station contains an informative “Valley Show”, located next to the ticket booth area, which is the ideal supplement to the “Mountain Show 2037” at the top station.

A generous panoramic restaurant, permanently flooded with light, and a large outdoor area protected from the wind’s onslaughts, awaits visitors to the Kanzelwand. The impressive après-ski programme is rounded off by huts, snow bars and four generous sun terraces.

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Contatto Comparto sciistico Fellhorn - Kanzelwand

Comparto sciistico Fellhorn - Kanzelwand

Fellhornbahn GmbH
Faistenoy 10, D-87561 Oberstdorf

+49 (0)8322 9600 0
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+49 (0)700 55533888
+49 (0)8322 9600 3001
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