Below the station Schlappoldsee at Fellhorn is the Easy Park. It provides a light and medium kicker line and easy to moderate obstacles such as butterboxes for the ideal entry into freestyling.

Fellhorn Funslope – The Rich Snow Adventure Full of Variety

Once again, the innovative winter sports resort Fellhorn/Kanzelwand, located on the German-Austrian border, attracts all snow-loving enthusiasts with a very special highlight. The Fellhorn Funslope returns in the season 2017/18 and offers lots of varying fun for beginners as well as pros, so make sure you do not miss it!

This season, you will once again find countless snow waves and banked turns in the Fellhorn Funslope. You can discover a whole new, swift riding experience on your skis or snowboard. The best part is that the track is suitable for beginners as well as pros. Simply choose your personal pace and ride through the fun course. This way, our Fellhorn Funslope definitely provides an extra helping of fun, which will make your ski day in the border region a very special one!

The entrance to the 840 meters long Fellhorn Funslope is located at 1.740 meters above sea level. You start the exciting ride with two steep turns and get three motivational high fives on the upcoming snow waves for the next obstacles to come. Now you dash through the mysterious snow tunnel and some swift banked turns and waves and head on straight to the highlight of our Fellhorn Funslope: the Fun Twister. Swiftly whirl around, underpass the twister and you already see our mascot Slopy who is gladly handing our good-bye high-fives. The only thing left is the lift station which takes you back to the start in the blink of an eye.

Do not miss out on this highlight in the ski resort Fellhorn/Kanzelwand – we are looking forward to welcoming you!

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Crystal Peak

Altezza sul livello del mare
1682 m
250 m

Der Crystal Peak richtet sich an Freestyle Einsteiger, jüngere Fahrer und die Jibberfraktion, die die optimale Mischung aus Kreativität und Sicherheit suchen, um sich ständig weiterzuentwickeln.

3m XL Butter Box Snowpark (Box)
4m Kicker Jump Snowpark (Kicker)
4m Kicker Jump Snowpark (Kicker)
4m Kicker Jump Snowpark (Kicker)
5m Down Tube Snowpark (Pipeslide)
5m Flat Tube Snowpark (Pipeslide)
5m Kicker Jump Snowpark (Kicker)
6m Curved Box Snowpark (Box)
6m Down/Flat Butter Box Snowpark (Box)
6m Flat Butter Box Snowpark (Box)
6m Kicker Jump Snowpark (Kicker)
6m Wave/Dragontail Butter Box Snowpark (Box)
Jib Wave Jump Snowpark (Kicker)

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