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BERGFEX: Comparto sciistico Wildalpen - Vacanza sciistica Wildalpen - Wintersportgebiet Wildalpen

Comparto sciistico Wildalpen


600 - 1.000m

Mappa delle piste Comparto sciistico Wildalpen

Novità Wildalpen

Children are free of charge till 14 years!

Comparto sciistico Wildalpen

Update: 6. Jänner 2017 Die Schiliftanlage Siebensee - Winterhöh in Wildalpen ist in Betrieb!
T-barlift Siebenseelift Wildalpen at Winterhöhe with 1,5 km slope

Starting on 26th December 2016: T-bar lift opens only in the afternoon daily during Christmasholidays and in Styrian and Lower Austrias holidays at 13.00 and on each Saturday, Sunday afternoon until to the middle of March 2017 from 13.00 - 16.00.

Children till 14 years are free of charge!

For alpin skier 1 T-bar lift and 1 children´s lift with about 1,5 km slope for your downhill.
A good combination for families the lovely kiddylift.
Children learn skiing to good and best conditions.

Wildalpen offers generally relaxation in a droolworhty winterlandscape.
Lovely sights to the peaks of Hochschwab for example Großer Griesstein (2023m).

advice: near to the T-barlift Siebenseelift find the brillant woodsauna with miniindoorpool. Warm up your body, enjoy the time in Wildalpen.
Find rest & recreation.

Find exact wheater details on Wildalpen Winterhöh.

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Contatto Comparto sciistico Wildalpen

Comparto sciistico Wildalpen

Tourismusverband Wildalpen
Wildalpen 91, A-8924 Wildalpen

+43 (0)3636 341
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+43 (0)3636 313
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