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BERGFEX: Comparto sciistico Wenigzell - Vacanza sciistica Wenigzell - Wintersportgebiet Wenigzell

Comparto sciistico Wenigzell


940 - 1.140m

Mappa delle piste Comparto sciistico Wenigzell

Comparto sciistico Wenigzell

The already well-known holiday village of Wenigzell invites you to choose from our rich programme of activities.

Due to the flatness and openness of our slopes the snow country of Wenigzell is especially attractive to children and teenagers as well as to skiers and snowboarders not yet experts.

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Contatto Comparto sciistico Wenigzell

Comparto sciistico Wenigzell

Schneeland Wenigzell
Sichart 22, A-8254 Wenigzell

+43 (0)3336 2400
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+43 (0)3336 2400
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