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BERGFEX: Glödnitz - Flattnitz: Vacanza Glödnitz - Flattnitz - Viaggi Glödnitz - Flattnitz

Glödnitz - Flattnitz

Glödnitz - Flattnitz

1.400 - 1.840m

Where the environment is still intact, and the holiday even smells after hay, watercress and wild flowers the word "dream vacation" gets a totally new dimension. Where the word "tourism" is not really existing and replaced by the word and meaning of "hospitality", the recreation seekers get involved in a community far away from mass tourism and holiday stress. Here, tradition and customs are preserved and tourism not consumed like pushing a button, but experienced light-hearted, cheerful and with merriment.

A lot of hiking trail invite you to experience the unique nature up close. Placid mountain lakes, forests, sleepy, quaint cottages, a Kneipp trail: hiking heart, what more could you want?
You can expect an unforgettable summer holiday in the family-friendly hiking area Glödnitz-Flattnitz.

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Fahren Sie mit unserem Panoramalift auf 1840 m Seehöhe und genießen Sie die die wunderschone Bergwelt der Nockberge mit Ihrem höchsten Berg dem Eisenhut
Genießen Sie einen Ausflug zum Naturbadeteich in Glödnitz! Die Freizeitanlage bietet abwechslungsreichen Sommerspass!

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Contatto Glödnitz - Flattnitz

Flattnitzer Liftgesellschaft m.b.H.
Glödnitz 125, AT-9346 Glödnitz

+43 (0)4265 8222
Glödnitz - Flattnitz
+43 (0)4265 8222 21

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