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Snowpark Snowpark Obergurgl - Funpark Snowpark Obergurgl - Park Obergurgl - Hochgurgl - Snowboarden

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Snowpark Obergurgl


Snowpark Obergurgl

Obergurgl - Hochgurgl

Snowpark Obergurgl – The Girls Park Reaches Another Dimension

Soon, the Diamond of the Alps will once again shine in bright white and this year there is even more reason for joy. On the one hand, the ski resort Obergurgl-Hochgurgl is going to offer four different fun areas, which barely leave anything to wish for. On the other hand, there is huge news concerning your Snowpark Obergurgl which is going to gleam with new splendor. The largest girls crew of the Alps is going to build up a massive park which will also be prepared for the biggest events.

At a high altitude between about 2000 and over 3000 meters, the ski resort Obergurgl-Hochgurgl offers the best conditions for all snow enthusiasts. Due to this alpine location in the Ötztal region, the ski resort is among the areas with the most reliable snow coverage. Therefore the Diamond of the Alps is always one of the first resorts to open their slopes for you. This year’s ski opening already goes down on November 16 and is packed with events. As if that was not enough, the resort is going to offer four awesome alternatives to their great slopes, which are called Funslope, Funcross, Familypark and Snowpark. With these incredible offers, the ski resort gets promoted to a Funmountain – “shaped by girls only” of course.

Familypark Obergurgl – A New Lease on Life
Last year, the girls built up the snowpark at the Bruggenbodenbahn. This year, you will find a Familypark for all our younger shred heads as well as freestyle beginners at this location. This way, the resort now features a new park on a familiar hill, which is specialized in helping all motivated newcomers make their first steps in the park.

Snowpark Obergurgl – New Location
This season, the girls crew is going to make the heart of the Funmountain, the snowpark, shine brighter than ever! Why? Well, the park was moved to the Steinmannbahn and got extended as well. In order to being able to keeping the park and the other fun areas as tidy as always, the crew was topped up and now consists of four shaperesses, one head-shaperess and a park designer.

Her name is Francine Boer, she is from the Netherlands and she is the new park designer at Snowpark Obergurgl. With at least 18 obstacles in the new snowpark, she has plenty of possibilities to let her creativity run freely and come up with some sweet lines for “her” project. The new set-up will not be spoiled right now, but there will be two areas with various jibs and kickers which can be ridden in one line.

When you get out of the park with a big grin on your faces, you will be rewarded with the second part of the Funcross as the cherry on top. This way, you can spare the regular slopes almost all the way down the Steinmannbahn.

Girls Shred Session
Every year, the popular Girls Shred Sessions are holding their kick-off event in Obergurgl. This exclusive coaching for girls is held for all freestyle-enthusiastic shred sistas who want to get some worthy tips and tricks from the snowboard and freeski coaches. The girls are shredding together, celebrate each other’s progression and will find some free time for relaxed breaks with music and barbecue.

SnowHow Kids’ Day
This year again, we will organize a special freestyle coaching for kids in collaboration with SnowHow. Participation is free as always, but registration is required.

“Game of Diamonds” – The QParks Tour Finale
This season, we may celebrate another world premiere: For the first time in the history of (wo)mankind, the QParks Tour will stop in a snowpark shaped by girls only! And for the first season in the new park, the Snowpark Obergurgl doesn’t just hold a regular tour stop, no. The girls park will be the host of the first “Game of Diamonds”, this season’s QParks Tour Finale and the last and most important contest of the winter 2017/18! This is where the winners of the tour are declared and where the season closing party is going down.

For all of you who are not familiar with the QParks Tour: It is the biggest snowboard and freeski contest series in the Alps which offers ambitious rookies the possibility to breathe some fresh competition air within a professional surrounding. The skills of the young riders are being judged by pro judges with international experience and the winners are rewarded with great goodies and prize money.

The most recent info on the Snowpark Obergurgl can be found via www.snowpark–obergurgl.at as well as on Facebook. Details about the set-up and the events will be leaked during the upcoming weeks and months. We are super stoked about an exciting season with you at the Snowpark Obergurgl.

For more information about the Snowpark Obergurgl and this year's setup please visit FB Snowpark Obergurgl.

Comparto sciistico Obergurgl - Hochgurgl

Schnee- und Parkstatus

4 hours ago

Valori neve Oggi, 14:24
Oggi, 14:24
205 cm
125 cm
4 da 24
Impianti aperti
SKI FIT WEEK. 08.-15.12.2018 Schau auf deinen Köper. Mach dich FIT für den Wintersport.
Ausgezeichnete Schnee- und Pistenverhältnisse im Diamant der Alpen.

Snowpark Obergurgl

Altezza sul livello del mare
2220 m
400 m
Medium Area Box Curved 6m (Box)
Medium Area Tube Down 5m (Pipeslide)
Medium Area Box Flat/Down 6m (Box)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 8m (Kicker)
Medium Area Tube Flat 5m (Pipeslide)
Advanced Area Jib Wallride 6m (Specials)
Advanced Area Rail Down 7m (Rail)
Advanced Area Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
Advanced Area Jib Lollipop (Specials)
Advanced Area Tube Rainbow 8m (Pipeslide)
Advanced Area Jib Tank 4m (Specials)
Advanced Area Rail Down/Flat/Down 9m (Rail)
Medium Area Jib Wallride 6m (Specials)
Medium Area Jib-Wave (Kicker)
Medium Area Jib-Wave (Kicker)
Medium Area Jib-Wave (Kicker)
Medium Area Tube Flat 5m (Pipeslide)
Medium Jump Kicker 6m (Kicker)
Medium Jump Kicker 6m (Kicker)
Advanced Area Jump Corner 10m (Kicker)
Advanced Area Jump Kicker 7m (Kicker)
Advanced Area Multibox 6m (Box)

Weitere Informationen

Park Size
Park Designer
Francine Boer
Head Shaper
Lana Behla
Valutazione 2,3
4 Valutazioni
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