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BERGFEX: Comparto sciistico Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade - Vacanza sciistica Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade - Wintersportgebiet Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

Comparto sciistico Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

870 - 2.300m

Mappa delle piste Comparto sciistico Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

Novità Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade


  • Gigantic suspension bridge (140 m) as an attraction on the Stubnerkogel
  • "Glocknerblick" Panorama platform on the Stubnerkogel
  • Rock Trail at the Stubnerkogel
  • NEW: Panaorama platform "Talblick" on the Stubnerkogel
  • from July 7th to September 2nd "Wanderschaukeln" possible

Comparto sciistico Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

Schlossalm - Angertal
860 - 2.300 m Altitude

Bad Hofgastein

This summer you can "swing" from mountain to mountain. From the ski center Angertal you reach the Stubnerkogel and the Schlossalm. With the gondola "Kasereben" you arrive at the Schlossalm, from there you will hike via beautiful hiking paths along the shores of the Schlossalmsee, search for mysterious creatures in the rock and conquer a variety of via ferrata climbs. The Schlossalm now also features 6 different via ferrata climbs, ranging from rookie to expert. In addition, rock jocks will also have a great time at the practice climbing area and be able to improve their foothold skills on a course designed especially for that purpose. On a theme path, you will pick up lots of useful tips including techniques for taking on a fixed cable via ferrata climb.

Please note: Due to construction work for the generation projekt Schlossalm NEW the the Schlossalmbahn is not in operation.

Contatto Comparto sciistico Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

Comparto sciistico Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG - Ski amade
Bundesstraße 567, A-5630 Bad Hofgastein

+43 (0)6432 6455 114
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+43 (0)6432 6455 50
+43 (0)6432 6455 66
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