BERGFEX: Sci di fondo Saastal - Saas-Grund - Saas-Almagell - Saas-Balen: Sci di fondo Saastal - Saas-Grund - Saas-Almagell - Saas-Balen


Sci di fondo Saastal - Saas-Grund - Saas-Almagell - Saas-Balen

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Saastal - Saas-Grund - Saas-Almagell - Saas-Balen

1.471 - 1.930m

Loipenplan Saastal - Saas-Grund - Saas-Almagell - Saas-Balen

Cross-country skiers will love gliding along the Saas-Valley’s 26 kilometres of cross-country ski trails, which wind through snow-covered larch forests and alongside the frozen Vispa river.

They’ll also be surrounded by stunning views of the magnificent 4'000-metre-plus peaks that surround the valley, making this a treat for the eyes as well as an invigorating physical activity.

The classic Saas Valley trail offers 26 km of ski tracks, starting in Saas-Balen and passing through Saas-Biedermatten, Saas-Grund, Unter dem Bodmen, Saas-Almagell and Zermeiggern all the way to Eiualp. There are several bus stops along the way, giving you the option of doing selected sections of the trail or the whole route. Depending on the snow conditions, there are also 26 km skate skiing pistes to explore. Passes are available at the tourist offices.


Day pass
With SaastalCard CHF 6.-- without CHF 12.--

Weekly pass
With SaastalCard CHF 20.-- without CHF 40.--

Season Pass Saas Valley CHF 60.-

Swiss Ski Pass (1 winter/whole of Switzerland) CHF 140.-

Possibilità di pernottamento

Restaurants in den 3 Ortschaften Saas-Balen, Saas-Grund und Saas-Almagell.
Die Restaurants und Bars bleiben noch geschlossen.
Es wird TAKE-AWAY angeboten.

Informazioni aggiornate sulle piste di fondo

Piste per sci di fondo Prospetto
pista per sci di fondo classico
22.8 km
Doppel- oder Einzelspuren durch eine wunderschöne Landschaft, mehrheitlich am Fluss entlang.
Piste per skating
27.4 km
Die Skatingloipen werden teilweise auch als Winterwanderweg benutzt.
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Langlaufskiverleih in den Sportgeschäften in Saas-Grund und Saas-Almagell.

Sci da fondo Servizio

Langlaufski Service in den Sportgeschäften in Saas-Grund und Saas-Almagell

Comparti sciistici
Contatto Ufficio del turismo

Tourist Office Saas-Almagell

Am Dorfplatz, CH-3905 Saas Almagell
+41 27 9581888
+41 27 9586645

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