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of high art, an alien species and the history of the earth.

Not all views are the same. Indeed, in Karrosten, the view out of the window sometimes seems like a still life. Those who are now on the art radar and who hear their heart beating faster in "tradition" and "craftsmanship" will come particularly close to their passion in the Schatz arts and crafts weaving mill. Visitors can experience textile craftsmanship at its finest in weaving and bobbin lace. But also nature lovers have their pilgrimage places in Karrösten. The geological nature trail leads up to the Karröster Alm and knowledge boards explain the formation of the earth on the way. There is no faster way to get past 30 million years of earth history. Talking about the earth: There are supposed to be people for whom the force of gravity is only partially valid, called "Kraxelmaxe" in expert circles. In Karrosten, this species is mainly found in the boulder hall and on vertical rock faces in the wild. Like-minded people are always friendly accepted in the community.

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