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600 - 1.100m
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600 - 1.100m

Arnbruck- the place to be- at the sunny side of life …

If you´re looking for an unforgettable holiday, the attractive little city of Arnbruck, located south of the Kaitersberg- mountainside, directly at the heart of the Bavarian Forest, is the place to be.
With its` state approved recreational climate, original, unspoiled nature, vast forests, peaceful meadows and incredible views, Arnbruck offers throughout all seasons a wide range of possible activities for all ages.
Enjoying the beautiful scenery with a flight in a sailplane is as possible as learning and experiencing the craft of high- quality glass- production at “Weinfurtners´” or taking a walk through history at the restored “Geiger- Mühle”, an old rye- and saw mill at the city- centre.

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Tourist-Information Arnbruck
Gemeindezentrum 1, D-93471 Arnbruck

+49 (0)9945 9410 16
+49 (0)9945 9410 33

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