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Ski Makov

660 - 948m
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Ski Makov

660 - 948m

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Periodi di apertura Inverno

29.12.2019 - 04.03.2020
09:00 - 20:30

Stredisko v prevádzke od 09:00 - 16:00 hod a od 18:00 - 20:30.

Piste Ski Makov

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Comparto sciistico Ski Makov

The resort SKIMAKOV is especially popular among young families with children, which predetermine particularly wide slopes that allow safe skiing.

The ski slopes of medium and easy difficulty (overall length of 6 050 m) are located in 660 - 948 m above sea level and they are regularly treated. In the resort are 4 ski lifts with a transport capacity of 2850 person / hour., 3 km artificial snow routes and 1200 m long illuminated trail. The average ski season lasts for 90 days. There is a parking lot for 260 cars at your disposal, which is located right nest to the lifts. The resort is easily accessible.

In the resort, just next to the ski lifts, there is a newly build buffet with the possibility of sitting inside or on a covered terrace with a wonderful view of the ski slopes. Skiers have the option of refreshments in the buffet at the upper lift station, directly on the ridge Javorníky, where a nice view of the resort and Beskydy. There is also a children skifun park, snowtubing, snowpark, snowboarding and ski rental and ski service. For the beginners, we offer ski and snowboard school and ski kindergarten. Tourist - recreational cross-country ski track passes through the ridge Javorníky through top Čerenka 948 m, while the ridge to ski lift exports and supplies to the ridge Beskydy.

In the Makov municipality (2 km from the resort), there is a ice rink, ATM, change office, railway station and other food and accommodation facilities.


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