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Prezzi Skipass Saas-Fee

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Debitcard (Bankomat, Maestro, Visa-Pay, EC)
Master Card
American Express


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Alta stagione 2021/2022

Adulti Bambini Juniores
1 Giorno dalle 11:00 CHF 68,00 CHF 31,00 CHF 55,00
1 Giorno dalle 12:00 CHF 64,00 CHF 30,00 CHF 53,00
1 Giorno CHF 75,00 CHF 37,00 CHF 64,00
2 Giorni CHF 146,00 CHF 73,00 CHF 122,00
3 Giorni CHF 199,00 CHF 99,00 CHF 167,00
4 Giorni CHF 259,00 CHF 130,00 CHF 220,00
5 Giorni CHF 320,00 CHF 160,00 CHF 272,00
6 Giorni CHF 369,00 CHF 185,00 CHF 315,00
Età 6 - 15 Jahre

Decisive for the children and youth fare is the date of birth (not the year of birth).
When accompanied by at least one parent, children up to 8.99 years old travel for free.

Età 16 - 19 Jahre

Note Prezzi

In addition to the tariffs, the cable cars charge a one-off fee of CHF 5.- (per rfld-data medium, key card). These cards become the property of the purchaser and can be used repeatedly and in part in other snow sports areas.


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