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Comparto sciistico Port del Comte

1.740 - 2.310m
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Port del Comte

1.740 - 2.310m

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Periodi di apertura Inverno

30.11.2019 - 13.03.2020
09:00 - 17:00

Piste Port del Comte

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42 km

Comparto sciistico Port del Comte

The ski resort Port del Comte is divided into two areas: The area El Sucre, the main area with the summit El Querol (2,110 m), and the area La Estivella, with the highest point at Clot Rodo (2,323 m).

It has 42 kilometers of slopes with 36 pistes, including 7 in the low difficulty (green), 11 are relatively light (blue), 13 in the medium difficulty (red) and 5 black runs for experts. The maximum height difference is from El Querol (2,110 m) to be covered up to the foot of the territory at the Prat Donado to 1,730 m with about 380 meters of altitude on blue and black runs. Most of the slopes run through the lush pine forest, which gives the skiing a special charm. There are also many links between the tracks and paths, so no boredom on the way down.

In recent years, the station has improvements and investment in the lift and artificial snow systems (currently a total of 256) are made in order to be able to provide the necessary snow cover on a total of 20 km of slopes. The 16 facilities with a maximum capacity of 16,060 people / hour, include 5 chairlifts, 9 ski lifts and 2 conveyor belts.

Climatological the area benefited mainly by the temporary conditions, because thanks to the forests and the artificial snow, the snow is very well preserved and makes the resort snow-safe throughout the season.

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