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Sci di fondo Schladming | Vorberg & Untertal

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Schladming | Vorberg & Untertal

980 - 1.200m

Loipenplan Schladming | Vorberg & Untertal

As lovers of winter sports you will be enthusiastic of Schladming. On the one hand the 4-mountain ski area offers the finest of Alpine skiing and on the other hand Pichl-Vorberg, Untertal valley and Obertal valley have prepared some of the most beautiful and well-groomed cross-country skiing trails for you.

Connecting directly to the cross-country ski run network Ramsau (220 km) Pichl-Vorberg is a perfect start into the cross-country skiing day. If you enjoy it a little more quiet, the slopes in Untertal and Obertal valleys are a secret tip for you.

In Mandling (near company Johnson Controls) you can directly enter into the Radstadt trails with 80 kilometres in length and varying degrees of difficulty.

A total 328 km of cross-country trails are available in the region Schladming-Dachstein!


Cross-country skiing at Untertal

You decide about the price. There are donation boxes along the tracks.

Cross-country skiing at Mandling

free of charge!

Cross-country skiing at Vorberg

*The cross country tracks at Vorberg connect to the 220km network of cross-country trails at Ramsau am Dachstein.

1/2 day ticket € 11,50 (from 11:30 am)
1 day ticket € 15,00
2 day ticket € 22,00 (incl. bus on the plateau)
3 day ticket € 27,00 (incl. bus on the plateau)
4 day ticket € 31,00 (incl. bus on the plateau)
7 day ticket € 37,00 (incl. bus on the plateau)

Possibilità di pernottamento

Viele Einkehrmöglichkeiten entlang der Loipe. Hütten, Gasthöfe und Bauerhöfe mit Sonnenterrassen laden zum Verweilen ein.


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Informazioni aggiornate sulle piste di fondo

+43/(0)3687 22 777-22
Piste per sci di fondo Prospetto
pista per sci di fondo classico
28.6 km
Halserloipe Vorberg, Kristallloipe Untertal, Ortsloipe Mandling und Steirerloipe Vorberg.
Piste per skating
18.5 km
Almenrunde Skatingloipe im Untertal, Ortsloipe Mandling, Steirerloipe Vorberg und Tettermoor Skatingloipe im Untertal.
Piste montane
34.7 km
Halserloipe und Steirerloipe am Vorberg liegen über 1.000 Höhenmeter auf dem sonnigen Vorberger Plateau und sind nicht beschneibar. Die Skating-Loipen Almenrunde, Tettermoor und die klassische Kristallloipe im Untertal liegen ebenfalls knapp über 1.000 Höhenmeter - sie sind ebenfalls nicht beschneibar.
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Sci da fondo Servizio
Contatto Ufficio del turismo

Tourismusverband Schladming

Rohrmoosstrasse 234, A-8970 Schladming
+43 3687 22 777 22
+43 3687 22 777 52

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