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Salzburger Sportwelt

Wagrain / Wagrain - Kleinarl

845 - 2.000m
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Wagrain / Wagrain - Kleinarl

845 - 2.000m

Nature, Culture, Sports - variety is guaranteed in Wagrain- for young and for old!

The Gondolas "Flying Mozart" and "Grafenbergbahn" are daily opened in summer and will bring you in a wonderful panorama, to the starting points of the most beautiful hikes in the “Salzburger Sports World”. More than 40 destinations between 850-2000 feet, through forests, clear waters and lush alpine meadows let give you experience of nature every day again.

Twice the fun in Wagrain-Kleinarl

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Wagrain / Wagrain - Kleinarl
Wagrain / Wagrain - Kleinarl
Wagrain / Wagrain - Kleinarl
Wagrain / Wagrain - Kleinarl

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Contatto Wagrain / Wagrain - Kleinarl

Wagrain - Kleinarl Tourismus
Markt 14, A-5602 Wagrain

+43 (0)6413 8448
+43 (0)6413 8449

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Contatto Ferrovie di montagna

Snow Space Salzburg Bergbahnen AG
Markt 59, A-5602 Wagrain

+43 (0)59221
+43 (0)59221 3111
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