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Nestled in a friendly sun spot, the mysterious Prebersee lies at 1,514 m above sea level - northeast of Tamsweg, close to the border with Styria. This alpine moor lake is 350 m long and 200 m wide and is often used as a swimming lake in summer.

Suspended matter from the bog is dissolved in it, which gives the water level its dark color. On the flanks of the Preber (2,740 m) with its mighty ridge line, there is a wide pasture and pasture area with worthwhile hiking destinations.

  • Swimming in the Prebersee: *

This lake in the moor is not considered a bathing lake, but is accessible for swimming at the specified access areas. After the Prebersee is in a nature reserve, the rules of conduct, which can be seen on boards around the lake, must be observed.

  • The legend of the Prebersee: "The golden harrow" *

It was not the soothing mountain sun, but the call of gold that has attracted treasure hunters through centuries. In old Venediger books the Bischofsloch, located below the Trogleiteneck on the way to Preberspitze, is mentioned. A gold gallery is listed as / "a high hole, from which you can wear good gold for a long time, on Venice, but you climb hard." /
Rock inscriptions at the entrance to the protected cave remind us of the past. In the meantime, the legend has put the legendary Prebergold into the lake. It says: the distant future, the still water will burst its banks and flood the entire Murboden. Finally, a golden harrow is washed out of the lake bed. It is so precious that you can rebuild all of it, even St. Leonhardskirche. What fearful dreams once moved people! We know better today and take the golden dots that the Prebersonne flashes in the dark moor water than those grains of truth that are hidden from every saga.

  • Accessibility: * By car or valley bus from Tamsweg or by bus www.postbus.at or salzburg-verkehr.at/
  • Parking: * Parking at Prebersee
  • Refreshments: * Ludlalm
  • Moor educational trail around the Prebersee: *

Walking time: approx. 45 minutes (starting from the parking lots)
Difficulty: easy, suitable for wheelchairs and strollers


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