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Timber Rafting Koroški splavarji

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Koroški Splavarji – Gortina by Muta Timber Rafting Wharf

Experience the ghost of the past on the ride with real raft replicas. There are several programmes for different groups available. Be it adults, children or joyous groups – everybody will experience the timber rafting story in a unique way. The timber rafting adventure is topped with the culinary and entertainment programme.

Experience the tradition of wood harvesting on the Drava River. Take a ride as the raftsmen would – on wooden logs on the Drava River! The raftsmen or flosarji, as they were called here, have an important assignment of transporting wood. Today the two timber rafting wharfs at Gortina by Muta and Javnik demonstrate, how the enormous wooden masses were transported on the river. Becoming a flosar was a very popular and valued profession. Hours and hours of hard work were cut only by the sounds of accordion, singing and time for a hearty traditional meal (koroška košta). They never ran out of joy and good mood while they worked. It is this joyous life of the raftsmen they re-enact in the timber rafting wharfs to this day in the most authentic way.

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