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The Peaks of Lavaredo

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Three fingers of rock that hold up the sky

Situated on the border of the two provinces of Belluno and Bolzano, these are the most famous peaks of all the Alps. These three fingers of rock pointing proudly to the sky, glowing rose-pink to purple at the setting of the sun, are amongst the most noted of the natural wonders in the world of mountaineering, free and sports climbing.

The Peaks of Lavaredo, with three imposing masses, the Great (la Grande) at 2,999 m, the Western (la Ovest) at 2,973 m and the Small (la Piccola) at 2,857m, are easily reached from the lake of Misurina, from Auronzo di Cadore, from the valley of Sesto, and from Dobbiaco, offering interesting journeys, splendid walks and extraordinary panoramic views to the valleys of Pusteria, Ampezzo and Cadore.

How to get there:

Passing the locale of Misurina, a toll road takes you to the mountain hut “Auronzo” (Rifugio Auronzo) with its ample parking. From here, an old military road gently and easily winds its way along the wide screes at the southern base of the bastions of the Three Peaks, slowly but surely revealing all their majestic beauty.

The sights:

If you would like to enjoy a breathtaking view of this wonder of nature, position yourself in one of the many vantage points such as the mountain huts “Auronzo” (Rifugio Auronzo) and “Locatelli” (Rifugio Locatelli), Mt. Piana (Monte Piana), the Towers of Toblin (le Torre di Toblin) and Mt. Paterno (Monte Paterno).

For more information:

IAT Office Auronzo phone +39 0435 9359

IAT Office Misurina phone +39 0435 36016

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