Tinnunculus - Die Falknerei in Heidelberg

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For 18 years, the small falconry Tinnunculus on the Königstuhl has been thrilling audiences with its very own charm. High up it towers over Heidelberg and offers a unique nature experience.

We bring the otherwise rarely seen birds of prey up close to you and explain their special ways of life. Because not all birds of prey are the same: the palette of feathered hunters ranges from the small crayon falcon to the big eagle. Everyone has developed their own strategy to get loot: Watch daring dives of our falcons, listen to the silent flight of the owls and find yourself eye-to-eye with a bald eagle.

We would like to inspire you in our falconry for elegance and speed, precision and vision. In short: For everything that has feathers! We are not only looking forward to the big visitors, but also to the little ones, whom we would like to let feel how soft such a Uhugefieder is.

Do you want to come with a travel group, celebrate your birthday with us or are you planning the next company event? –No problem! We would be happy to arrange appointments with you for special flight demonstrations according to your needs. Just give us a call.

The facility is wheelchair accessible.

April - October (please note that in case of rain there can be no flight demonstration)

Monday is a day off and the falconry is closed.

Outside the school holidays of Baden-Württemberg
Tuesday - Friday: 3:30 p.m.
During the school holidays of Baden-Württemberg
Tuesday - Sunday: 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

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