Urban Golf Chur

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Discover the picturesque old town, great sights and hidden places playfully with a round of Urban Golf.

Urban golf is a variation of classic golf. However, it is not played on golf courses, but in all possible places that allow a game. Thanks to a special softball, you can play in the city's alleys, parks and other special locations. There are a total of 9 holes to master. Instruction and equipment are available at the Regional Information Centre from Chur Tourism.

Chur’s Urban Golf Course is arranged in such a way that you also get a sightseeing trip of Chur, starting at the station and then proceeding clockwise. You will come across quaint alleys and plazas in the picturesque old town that you might not have discovered on a normal tour of the town. Enjoy the special atmosphere of Switzerland’s oldest town, while you work your way from course to course. Rock’n’hole!

Material will be handed out and taken back at the Regional Information Centre at Chur Tourism. Urban Golf is recommended for ages 6 and up.
Detailed information about the course and further instructions are listed on the information sheet which will be provided when the material is handed out.

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