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ACE Snowpark und Crosspark

News/Blog ACE Snowpark und Crosspark

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The Three Ingredients for the Perfect Freestyle Shoot at the ACE Snowpark

09/03/2017, 14:47

Hard work and a whole lot of dedication were some of the major elements of last week’s shoot at the ACE Snowpark in the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun. Snowboarders and freeskiers were pulling off some of their gnarliest moves in front of the cameras. Cinematographer Denis Janezic, the mastermind behind the lens, lets us in on the secret of what it takes for an action-packed shoot of the highest order.

The date is the 25 February 2017, it’s 08:32 a.m. and we’re located at the Valley Station Sedrun. Cinematographer Denis Janezic checks his equipment once more – alright, he’s ready to go. In about 15 minutes from now, he’ll be on his way up the mountain, accompanied by photographer Felix Pirker...

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