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BERGFEX: Skiblickhaus: Case vacanze/ Chalet Russbach, Rußbach am Paß Gschütt - Dachstein West


5442 Russbach

Luxurious Chalet in charming village near ski lifts

Fabulous luxury chalet in picturesque hamlet of Russbach in the Dachstein West Ski region (140km piste). 1 hour south from Salsburg. Great skiing via tree lined pistes or summer hiking, walking or Summer skiing on the Dachstein Glacier. Ideal for families and couples. Free daytime child care for toddlers and infants in resort allows parents, with small kids, some free time on the slopes. Relax in the sauna after a days exertions then curl up on a Persian rug in front of the log fire. The village has unspoilt traditional Gasthof's, a bank, supermarket, village store and tourist info office. Russbach is linked to Gosau and Annaberg and you can ski between the 3 villages. Lots of mountain top "hutte" provide music, food and drink. In summer the cable car has a "kiddies/adults toy train" which takes you from the top to a mountain restaurant. There is also a natural water park, with slides into the pool, plus a cafe.




  Alta stagione Alta / bassa stagione Alta stagione Alta / bassa stagione
Pernottamento € 270 € 170
a € 250
€ 200 € 160
con colazione - - - -
Mezza pensione - - - -
All-inclusive - - - -

minimum stay is 1 week

Pulizia finale unica: incluso

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