Comparto sciistico Monínec

480 - 700m
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Comparto sciistico

Monínec is situated in the heart ofCzech Siberia and combination of its microclima, north hillside and altitude makes Monínec a specialnature iceberg.

There is several slopes for skiers and snowboarders. High standard of skiing secures fourseated chair lift, wich exports skiers to the top of 1,2 km long slope. That is the reason why is Monínec ideal place for skiing near Prague. Ski school offers lessons to children and adults on the School slope with moving carpet lenght 93 meters.

Of course there is an absolute base with complete facilities for winter sports, including rental and ski service. Thanks to the most modern snowmaking system is this slope ideal for skiing even at the time when elswhere they pulled the wheels.

The monínec piste offers skiers 1.2 kilometres of downhill skiing. It is regularly groomed by two grooming vehicles. The four person chairlift with a capacity of 2400 people per hour is open in winter and in summer. Plus a 600m 2 people T-bar lift. The whole slope is snow and illuminated for night skiing.

Combining field ripples, banks and other safe hazards. This new feature will be only in a few resorts this year. Funline is situated on a 250m slope near the bottom. Funline is accessible to all visitors in the resort regardless of the type of ticket.

Hotel slope & School slope
Less proficient skiers, children and who have no desire or time to try the big slope can have a great time at the hotel's slope. It’s 170 m long with a drag lift.
School slope with a 93 m moving carpet lift is designed to teach adults and children with ski school MARO.

An important part of the complex is the modern rental shop, service and winter sports shop.

Parking with a capacity of 550 cars is free and situated right next to the entrance to the lift.

Evening skiing (6:00 - 9:00 pm)
Anyone who has tried night skiing at Monínec, comes back again and again. Enjoy the longest illuminated piste in Bohemia with perfectly groomed trails for skiing from 18 to 21 hours. There is nothing better than after a busy day than a little bit of sport. Then sit comfortably in a warm restaurant M2 and have a little snack to end of the day.


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