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BERGFEX: Comparto sciistico Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg - Vacanza sciistica Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg - Wintersportgebiet Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg

Comparto sciistico Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg

Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg

750 - 810m

Mappa delle piste Comparto sciistico Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg

Novità Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg

*Ab der Skisaison 2017/2018 gilt am Kolsassberg auch die Snowcard Tirol!
Auch gibt`s am Kolsassberg ab der Skisaison 2017/2018 erstmals 3Stundentickets!

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Comparto sciistico Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg

Kolsassberg ski lift

The ski lift in Kolsassberg, which is a family ski area in Silberregion Karwendel in Tirol, is even suitable for the littlest of children. The small ski area on the Kolsassberg starts off at 750 m sea level. With its T-bar lift and ski school lift it is ideal for families, beginners and those who have a little bit of experience. There are three T-bar lifts in total and a conveyor for infants. Close to the lifts there are also catering outlets where you can enjoy a bite to eat on the sun terrace.

Gemeinde Kolsassberg
Rettenbergstraße 25, 6115 Kolsassberg
Telephone +43 (0)5224 68511
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Contatto Comparto sciistico Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg

Comparto sciistico Kleinskigebiet Kolsassberg

Schiliftbetriebe Gemeinden Weer, Kolsassberg, Kolsass KG
Rettenbergstraße 25, A-6115 Kolsassberg

+43 (0)664 3923208
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+43 (0)664 3923208
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