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Sci di fondo Obersaxen Mundaun

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Obersaxen Mundaun

1.300 m

Loipenplan Obersaxen Mundaun

The region Obersaxen Mundaun offers ideal conditions for cross country skiing. Whether you prefer Skating or rather a classic cross-country skiers - our trails gives you both! From the village of Flond to Tusa you can experience our area to a total of 10 km of groomed cross-country ski trails! The varied landscape offers beginners as well rounders many opportunities to meet their needs. And if you want to attempt the cross-country adventures for the first time, offers a cross country course the best entry!

The Sporthilfe Youth francs
Doing something for the young Swiss sports while gliding through the snowy mountains? With the cross-country pass it is possible. Consulting and sales to the cross-country skiing is available in the information office in the Grange or Mundaun Turissem Surcuolm. Who buys a cross country skiing pass supports automatically the Swiss Sports Aid and the cross-country skiing in Obersaxen / Mundaun with a franc.

The varied trail guide (1003-1452 m above sea level) offers beginners as well rounders many opportunities.


Langlaufpass Schweiz: CHF 140.-
Tageskarte Obersaxen Mundaun: CHF 6.-
Wochenkarte Obersaxen Mundaun: CHF 20.-
örtliche Saisonkarte Obersaxen Mundaun: CHF 50.-

Mit dem Kauf des Langlaufpasses helfen Sie mit, die unzähligen Arbeitsstunden der Loipenverantworlichen zu entschädigen!

Possibilità di pernottamento

Flond: Restaurant Ustria Posta Veglia

Informazioni aggiornate sulle piste di fondo

+41 81-9332222
Piste per sci di fondo Prospetto
pista per sci di fondo classico
9.3 km
Piste per skating
9.3 km
Piste con illuminazione artificiale
0.95 km
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Undertor 1, CH-7134 Obersaxen
+41 (0)81 933 22 22
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