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Cross-country skiing in the Vallée de Joux
Would you prefer the lakeside or the forest of Le Risoud, Le Marchairuz or Le Mollendruz? Cross-country skiers have certainly got the choice! Vallée de Joux covers one of the biggest cross-country skiing domains of Central Europe: 220 km of skiing tracks lay at your feet.

Considered as one of the oldest winter sports, cross-country skiing is expanding. Practised both by children and adults, the different tracks in Vallée de Joux suit both beginners and experienced skiers.

For each and everyone’s comfort, four Nordic Centres trace and maintain kilometres of cross-country skiing tracks in La Thomassette, by Lac de Joux, in Les Charbonnières and on the mountains of Le Marchairuz and Le Mollendruz.

So, once any cross-country skiing enthusiast has bought a vignette, the runs are open for both classic and skating styles on altogether 220 km.



Cross-country ski passes:

  • Season pass Switzerland CHF 120.-
  • Season pass Jura CHF 70.-
  • Week pass CHF 35.-
  • One-day ticket CHF 8.-

On sale at the starting point of the main runs, or at the Tourist Information Office.

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