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At the top, at the Col de Joux-Plane, the altitude of 1600 meters offers the area a quality snow cover with a breathtaking view of Mont-Blanc. 90 km of marked hiking trails are at your disposal for sporting moments at your own pace in this natural setting in the heart of Haute-Savoie!

Cross-country skiing is practiced in a Nordic area whose trails are groomed and secured by Nordic rescuers. The package is an access fee to the slopes: the Nordic Pass.

The profit from the sale of Nordic Passes is used by Nordic Areas managers to maintain trails, create facilities such as learning or beginner areas, ensure the safety of practitioners and offer many services such as "snow farming" (snow reserve), weekly Cross-country skiing nights, waxing room etc.
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Nordic, valley sector, along the Giffre
A very gentle descent takes you to Samoëns, Morillon and Sixt, near the villages, in the forest, on the plain, around the lakes...

Scandinavia, Fer-à-Cheval sector
A 10 km loop in a magnificent landscape that leads from Molliet to the famous Cirque du Fer à Cheval; Assemble intermediate circuits according to your wishes.
Note that these two sectors are connected and represent a 42 km round trip!

Nordic, Joux Plane sector
Guaranteed snow all winter long, this high-altitude resort offers an ideal location and a magnificent panorama overlooking Mont Blanc


Valable dès l’ouverture des domaines nordiques aux premières neiges, jusqu’à fin mars / avril selon les domaines nordiques : le plein de ski de fond à volonté, dans la poche, sans se soucier de repasser en caisse. !
Nordic Pass saison Haute-Savoie, Nordic Pass Saison National ou Nordic Pass saison site

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