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The Haute Maurienne Vanoise is also a huge Nordic terrain with 200 km of slopes spread over the ski areas of Aussois-Val Cenis Sardières, Val Cenis Bramans Val d'Ambin or Bessans. Whether you like contemplative cross-country skiing, healthy cross-country skiing, fun cross-country skiing or sports cross-country skiing, each area reveals its specialty.

Our 3 Nordic areas offer you groomed footpaths and immensities of virgin snow where making your mark and hearing the crunch of snow is close to the benefits of meditation.
Lovers of snowshoeing or Nordic hiking, don't hesitate any longer, we are waiting for you in our cross-country ski resorts in Haute Maurienne Vanoise!

Opening of the domain on November 5, 2022
The Nordic area of ​​Bessans at an altitude of 1750m offers 133km of groomed trails for skating and classic.

This area, which offers a superb view of the Charbonnel glacier, is quite unique because there is very little forest, unlike its two neighbours.

Hours of relaxation or sporting intensity are yours in the middle of the snowy immensities of this mountain plateau.

Do you know that Bessans has an international biathlon stadium? So don't wait any longer and book your initiation course now!

Aussois & Val Cenis Sardieres
Opening of the domain on December 18, 2021
The Nordic domain of Monolith at 1,500m altitude, accessible by public transport or by car, straddles the resorts of Val Cenis Sardières and Aussois.

Whether you are in classic or skating, the 39 km of slopes of the Monolith are a real treat and offer a complete playground suitable for progression and contemplation.

And of course, you can test your dexterity by signing up for an initiation to biathlon.\

Val Cenis Bramans – Val d’Ambin
Opening of the domain on December 18, 2021
The Nordic area of ​​Bramans Val d'Ambin at an altitude of 1600m, accessible by bus, is located in the resort of Val Cenis Bramans.

It is within reach of all levels and all contemplatives. Why not go and visit the Church of Saint Pierre d'Extravache on cross-country skis?

A large uphill and downhill false flat loop allows beginners to progress at their own pace in the forest to the place called Planay.

You don't know this sector offering 30 km of slopes? To discover it is to adopt it!


Day trip adults (16-64) 11,40€ / youth (12-15) 7,20€ / children (5-11) 4,60€ / senior (65-74) 10,40
6 consecutive days adults (16-64) 56,70€ /
youth (12-15) 36,40€ / children (5-11) 22,90€ / senior (65-74) 51,80
Season adults (16-64) 96€ / youth (12-15) 50€ / children (5-11) 38€ / senior (65-74) 87€

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