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bergfex: Comparto sciistico Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären: Vacanza sciistica Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären - Wintersportgebiet Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären

Comparto sciistico Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären

Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf -...

900 - 1.965m

Mappa delle piste Comparto sciistico Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären

Valori neve

20/04/2017, 10:45 250 cm 20 cm 0 da 17
  Montagna Valle Impianti aperti
Der Winterwanderweg zum Gipfel des Lawinenstein ist nur bei Schönwetter geöffnet.
Wir bedanken uns bei all unseren zahlreichen Gästen, treuen Partnern und fleißigen Mitarbeitern für eine herrliche Wintersaison 2016/17! Auf ein Wiedersehen im Sommer (ab 1. Juli) oder im nächsten Winter (bei entsprechender Schneelage ab 2. Dezember).

NEU Online Skipass Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären

OHNE ANSTELLEN direkt auf die Piste!

4 Vorteile Ihrer Online-Skipass-Buchung:

  • Ohne Anstellen direkt auf die Piste
  • Skipass einfach zu Hause oder unterwegs aufladen
  • Keycards auch anderer Skigebiete verwendbar
  • Auf Wunsch auch per Postzustellung

Acquista biglietto o buono

Novità Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären

New snow making system for the Schneiderkogel-East slopes Tauplitzalm and the slope to Tauplitz, more frequency for the 4-Chairlift from Tauplitz to Tauplitzalm

Comparto sciistico Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären

Much more than a mere mountain…
Our ski resort is situated on a sunny plateau, in a predominantly alpine setting, and is mainly above the tree line. The naturally-ending runs satisfy all your needs, and are perfect for every taste and ability. Sweeping slopes offer ample room to manoeuvre for wonderful carving curves. Our mountains, which top 1,965 m, have plenty of natural snow and space for breathtaking deep powder ski-runs.
Snow guaranteed
The convenient geographical position ensures that Tauplitz is a safe bet for snowy conditions –and one of the snowiest resorts in the Alps. Our records show snow heights of up to 5 metres on a regular basis, and over 3 metres is the rule even in March, a solid basis for sunny skiing. We also use modern snow machines, and can thus guarantee snowy conditions from the beginning of December until the end of April.
Modern facilities
The lifts on the alp plateau (6 chairlifts at Lawinenstein, 4 chairlifts at Schneiderkogel, the double drag lift at Großsee etc.) were refurbished during a modernisation programme entitled “The new Tauplitz”, which was implemented from 2001-2003. In the meantime, the Lawinenstein and Schneiderkogel slopes have also been extensively developed. We introduced an ultra-modern snow machine for the popular Tauplitz ski-run in 2005.
Friendly locations
The village on the Tauplitz alp, built at 1,650 m above sea level, with around 1,000 guest beds, cosy huts and restaurants, is unique – there’s nowhere in Austria like it! The alp is car-free in winter, which doesn’t only please the kids!
The attractive mountain village of Tauplitz, situated at 900 m above sea level, is located directly by the mountain cableway’s valley station.
Those who enjoy shopping trips and evening entertainment will delight in a trip to the attractive resort of Bad Mitterndorf.
Good value for money
We are dedicated to offering our guests top quality at affordable prices. Our all-inclusive ski offers are especially good value and family-friendly, whether you decide on a short break, a mid-week trip or a ski week. For more information or to make a reservation, please call our offices in Tauplitz on +43(0)3688/2446-0 or in Bad Mitterndorf on +43(0)3623/2444.

With all good wishes, the team at the new Tauplitz resort


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Contatto Comparto sciistico Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären

Comparto sciistico Tauplitz / Bad Mitterndorf - Schneebären

Nr. 71, A-8982 Tauplitz

+43 (0)3688 2252
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+43 (0)3688 2252
+43 (0)3688 2252 25
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