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Montafon: Vacanza Montafon - Viaggi Montafon


650 - 3.312m


The Montafon Alpine valley is located in the south of Vorarlberg (Austria) and by the three mighty mountain ranges of Rätikons, Verwall and the Silvretta mountains up to 3,312 m (Piz Buin) surrounded. Besides places with a sporty character and varied leisure program, Montafon a cozy, suitable for family recreation region.

The 11 Montafon places geographically ranked, retracts into the valley from Bludenz:
St. Anton i. M. (650 m), Vandans (660 m), Bartholomäberg (1,100 m), Schruns (700m), Tschagguns (700 m), Silbertal (890 m), Gargellen (1,430 m), St. Gallenkirch (900 m), Gortipohl (950 m), Gaschurn (1,000 m), Partenen (1,050 m).

Consigli per il tempo libero Montafon

From spring through autumn BergePLUS offers daily highlights in the three categories of hiking, biking and climbing: Our professional guides accompany you on exciting pleasure tours through the...
Täglich geführte Wanderungen für BergePLUS Gäste im Montafon kostenlos!
Im Montafon kann man mit dem Mountainbike auf Safari gehen. Wilde Tiere braucht man nicht zu fürchten, aber tierisch wilde Trails ...
Can you remember how much you liked to climb trees as a child? Even as an adult, climbing can be just as much fun. Naturally, the Montafon also offers many opportunities for this increasingly...
Mit Fernglas, Kompass, Thermometer und Maßband auf Entdeckungsreise gehen - so macht Wandern der ganzen Familie Spaß!

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Contatto Montafon

Montafonerstr. 21, AT-6780 Schruns

+43 (0)50 6686
+43 (0)5556 7225319

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