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Snowpark Madepark - Funpark Madepark - Park Valchiavenna - Snowboarden



Madepark - Snowpark made in Madesimo
Madepark: bigger, better, crazier!

Right on cue for the winter season Madesimo reveals new initiatives within its much appreciated Snowpark. The area devoted to thrills, spills and acrobatics has been hugely expanded almost tripling the original space available and incorporating a range of new facilities. Excellent news for visitors looking for bigger and better challenges in a park which now stretches almost a kilometre in length.
Two completely new areas have been added to the existing MadePark next to the Larici refuge and linked by the modern cable-car system.
The first is known as the Easy Area - designed with beginners to this spectacular sport in mind – and hosts jump and rail. It’s in the upper section of the park and has a pair of boxes and jumps. A little below this is the Jib Area separated by the chill-zone where you can catch your breath and watch all your friends in action. From here you can head on to the pipe or into the Jib which is equipped with kicker rails, boxes and all manner of temptations
for the more experienced (or simply MAD). These include around a dozen or so flat boxes,
down box, down rail, a staircase, rainbow box, plug and a line of kickers of between 4 and 6m. Further down towards the valley you’ll meet the Kickers Area where two large terraces have been created with a total of 4 jumps in sequence ranging from 10-12m to 15-17m.

There’s no question that the MadePark Madesimo 2012/13 has something for everybody - from the beginner to the plain crazy!
Check it out as soon as you can.

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Schnee- und Parkstatus

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Altezza sul livello del mare
1800 m
950 m

The set-up:

  • 130 m long Superpipe with 4 meters Walls
  • Kicker: from 3 to 12 meters Table
  • Rails & boxes of DOORS
  • 1 staircase: 5m down rail, Gap box 8m, kinked box 3 + 5m
  • Boxing: 3m, 5m kinked 3 +, Mail Box 3m
  • Rails: 3 +5 m kinked rail, 4m, 5m, 3m
  • 1 Wallride

There are 3 different lines, from right to left:
Beginner Line: 2 Kicker 1-3 meters and a small box for beginners
Medium and Pro Line: medium-heavy boxes and rails with a set-up of two structures, each ending with a wallride
Another Medium and Pro Line: with 3 medium and difficult obstacles and kickers of 8 to 12 meters and a Woodline ending with quarters of snow.

Earth-based elements
Earth work at the pipe and the rail area

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