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BERGFEX: Comparto sciistico Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach: Vacanza sciistica Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach - Wintersportgebiet Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach

Comparto sciistico Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach

Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach

1.310 - 1.620m

Mappa delle piste Comparto sciistico Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach

Novità Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach

  • "Beschneiungsanlage"
  • Top- Familienangebote für Saisonkarten
  • Tageskarte + Mittagessen

Comparto sciistico Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach

*Winter holiday - just as it should be... *

From sportive skier to the relaxing winter hikers...
A natural landscape - that can hardly be found elsewhere...
Unique Zirben forests, splendid landscape and the healthy air of the mountains...
Ski and snow-fun, hospitality, styrian food specialities...
Numerous cottages where you will forget the everyday-stress...
Zirbenschnaps you won\'t forget (= a schnaps made out of cones).
Here you will find a genuine atmosphere which in other places became artificial and kitschy a long time ago...

Steirisches Zirbenland - Where vou can find the world champions
Renate Götschl, Ski-Alpine: champion of the world, winner of silver and bronze olympic medal

Wolfgang and Andreas Schopf, champion of the world and of Europe, the winner of the worldcup in toboggan natural - double seat

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3 months ago - kaschi

Contatto Comparto sciistico Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach

Comparto sciistico Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach

Granitzen 31, A-8742 Obdach

+43 (0)3578 8215
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+43 (0)3578 8215
+43 (0)3578 8215
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